The PHIAT sacrifice is now finished.

Thanks for your support, and you can check your balance below.

Borrow, Earn, Leverage, Short, Hedge

Built on PulseChain with the most secure DeFi protocols

With a revenue sharing governance token $phiat

All with your favourite RH coins and PRC20s

For Hexicans by Hexicans

A decentralised liquidity protocol
Use RH Eco tokens as collateral
Decentralised non-custodial liquidity protocol
Borrow against single tokens + yield bearing assets
Efficient leverage + high % deposit rewards
Stake $phiat to share platform revenue

More novel features on the way
Native DeFi for PulseChain, powered by $phiat

$phiat is designed to help its holders accrue value
and benefit from the platform growth
  • Revenue Sharing Platform
    PHIAT.IO features a revenue earning token ($phiat) sharing platform fees between token holders and liquidity providers.

    The governance & utility token
    will also be burned from circulation
    in liquidation events to support the price.
  • A yield bearing assets
    lending protocol
    Staking your your favourite RH single tokens, LP tokens, and other yield bearing assets as collateral to leverage

    Borrow stables & risky assets with low interests
    Deposit them to earn attractive APY & extra rewards
  • A dual-token staking
    You can stake single token $phiat and/or its eligible LP tokens, and lock them for voting escrow tokens.

    Use your veTokens to vote and receive extra rewards and potential airdrops & bribes
A Native DeFi Platform for PulseChain

So you never have to sell your HEX or favourite PulseChain tokens
  • HEX
    The ultimate store of value

    The first blockchain Certificate of Deposit
  • Pulse
    The consensus mechanism coin

    Energy efficient, faster, cheaper, fee-burning Ethereum fork
  • PulseX
    The native DEX of PulseChain

    Richard Heart's Uniswap fork for PulseChain
  • Hedron
    Tokenized HEX shares

    Mint and borrow HDRN tokens against active HEX stakes